Updated Sidewalk & Outdoor Seating Rules from the City of Longview

I have been working with the City of Longview on some responsive measures in relation to outdoor seating and sidewalk usage. Attached you will find the latest regulations which, believe it or not, do relax some of the previous regulations, though you probably wouldn’t think so judging by its length. I say that lightly, but they really stepped up and expedited looking at these! Thank you! 


I would again encourage you all to apply for the Sidewalk Business License. It is FREE. You will need this if you want to do a sidewalk sale or offer outdoor dining on the sidewalk. They do not regulate private parking lots. The permit is FREE. Apply here: https://www.mylongview.com/DocumentCenter/View/223/Sidewalk-Business-Lic...

For bars and restaurants that offer alcohol, in addition to needing the above permit, if you have not previously offered outdoor dining you will need to apply to the Liquor and Cannabis Board. The form you need is here: https://lcb.wa.gov/sites/default/files/publications/temp_links/Coronavir... Licensing states they are working on these requests as a priority and typically have a response to Licensees within 7 days.


Also, if any of you have questions about these regulations or have some ideas outside of these updates, please let me and/or John Brickey at the City of Longview know. You can reach John at john.brickey@ci.longview.wa.us. I want to thank City Manager Sacha, John Brickey and their team for working with me for Longview businesses so quickly.  

Take care!


Lindsey Cope

Community Engagement Director

Cowlitz Economic Development Council


Office 360.423.9921