This Week at the Lodge ...

This week at the lodge…






Lodge open 4 – 7

Kitchen serving Prime Rib French Dips.



Lodge Closed



Lodge open 4 – 7

Kitchen serving the regular menu



Lodge open 4 – close

Prime Rib dinner @ 5:00 $21 ($22 to go)

Silent Dessert Auction starts around 5:00.








I’ve gone up the chain about as far as I can go with Bingo, and it’s still a no go.  I spoke with a Lieutenant with the Liquor Board, and while he was sympathetic to our dilemma, there really isn’t anything he can do.  Until the covid rules loosen up, I’m afraid we’re stuck “bingoless”.  I’ve also asked about Cornhole, and haven’t heard back yet.

Thanks to all the folks who are coming out on the nights we are open and supporting the lodge.  We’ll keep it going as long as we have enough members showing up on those days.

We’re going silent with the Dessert Auction this time due to all the restrictions.  The desserts will be spaced for social distance, and masks will need to be worn when placing a bid.  I know this is going to take some of the fun out of this event, but covid hasn’t made our property taxes go away, and we really need the financial help, so we’ll soldier on and do the best we can!