Washington State Business Fair

This November, for the first time, the Washington State Business Fair will be completely virtual and include exhibitors and attendees from across the entire state.


This year’s event is hosted by the Greater Seattle Chapter of SCORE in collaboration with the Washington State Employment Security Department, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries and the Washington State Small Business Liaison Team.


Because of the impact of COVID-19 we hope to reach thousands of prospective entrepreneurs looking to move from unemployed to self-employed as well as 300,000 business looking for information and insight on how to survive and thrive in a down economy.


We hope to have updates on dozens of public and private pilots and projects underway around the state as well as information on new sources of support.


If you are a member of the business ecosystem and would like to tell business owners and managers how you can help them, let us know.


Let’s show the rest of the nation what a collaborative strategy for economic recovery looks like.


There is no fee for attendees, so please help us get the word out to someone you know needs this.