SUMMER JOB- LONGVIEW PARKS & REC - Must be 18 or older

Do you know students graduating (or in College) that are 18+ and looking for a job before they head off to their newest adventure? Longview Parks and Rec has a great opportunity and it would be a great way to get some work experience! Please share this with anyone you may know that could benefit by seeing this! I have copied Justin with Parks and Rec on this email.

You can find this on Longview Parks & Rec’s Facebook or Indeed.


This position is employed only seasonally and/or part-time during the year with the City of Longview. A variety of duties and tasks may be assigned. Refer to the internal department for a specific duties listing.

It is Longview Parks & Recreation's goal to provide a quality and safe environment for all participants, parents, and staff. Although you will be given a general job description, it is not an exhaustive list of the job duties you will be expected to perform and the attitude you will be expected to present. You should always be prepared and willing to respond to the unexpected. Longview Parks & Recreation prides itself in challenging its employees to grow as individual's while gaining professional experience. A pre-employment background check will be conducted.

Responsibilities and Duties

Position Overview: This positions is responsible for preparation, implementation, clean up and /or on sight supervision of a variety of recreational day camps and day trips while supervising youth in grades K-5. Safety and supervision of camp participants are the top focus of this program followed by fun.

Knowledge of age-appropriate games, team building activities, and arts & crafts is preferred.

Hours of Work: Typical day shift hours, Monday – Friday. Hours may vary depending upon enrollment and staffing needs, up to 40 hours per week,


Knowledge of :

Leadership Qualities
CPR and First Aid in infant, child, and adult
Ability to:

Be at work on time
Provide own transportation to and from activity/event.
Perform leadership duties
Communicate effectively both orally and in writing
Follow instructions
Establish positive, effective working relationships with others, including the public
Special Qualifications:

Must be 18 years or older.
Must be high school graduate or equivalent (June 2019 or earlier).
Successful candidates must comply with a national background check required by the Child/Adult Abuse Information ACT, RCW 43.43.830 through 43.43.840
Successful candidate must complete payroll and safety training upon employment.

There are no benefits associated with this position.