Red Leaf Organic Coffee Systems NW Roastery, located right here in Kelso, Washington

We are so excited to begin showcasing the Coffee Systems NW Roastery, located right here in Kelso, Washington. Red Leaf Organic Coffee's beans are roasted fresh daily by our head roaster, Eddie Bert. Here is a short bio on how Eddie got started in coffee roasting.

Be on the lookout in the coming weeks for featured blends and info about each of the roasts we offer!

Eddie Bert has been Coffee System NW's head roaster since 2018, providing Red Leaf Organic Coffee with all of their coffee bean products. He was first introduced to coffee roasting at Portland Coffee Roasters (PCR), after a trip to Papua New Guinea. He was educated by many at PCR, beginning to roast in 2004. "Most of my knowledge comes from reading industry publications and taking classes at the Speciality Coffee Expo and Roasters Guild retreat," Eddie says. "The best teacher is through trial and error."

When asked what his favorite part of the roasting process is, Eddie answered “My favorite part of the roasting process has nothing to do with roasting. I really like sourcing new coffees. It is fun to cup many coffees from a region of a country and see the differences that they have due to coffee variety, elevation, soil type, and processing methods. The best part of roasting is being part of the coffee community. It's a great industry filled with great people who are passionate about their craft. It's always a good time when roasters get together.”

Eddie’s favorite coffee that Red Leaf offers is the Ethiopian. His favorite blend is the Espresso.