Please support School Gardens on GiveMore24! Thurs Sept 24

Garden Nation,

Let's all be a part of something really big! 

Thursday, September 24 is Community Foundation’s Give More 24!, and Lower Columbia School Gardens is joining in again this year.

Please join us for this one-day online giving event celebrating over 210 nonprofits throughout Southwest Washington.

Due to that darn global pandemic we aren't able to hold in-person fundraisers this year, so this is our big chance to move our work forward.


Here's how it works:

1. Wait until Sept 24 (but you can start spreading the word today)
2. On Sept 24, go to the Give More 24! website
3. Make a donation (minimum $5) to Lower Columbia School Gardens. Donating during two Prize Periods (noon-4pm & 5pm-7pm) and using Lauren's link when you donate can help us win an extra $4,500!
4. Tell friends, family, strangers (thank you!)
5. Celebrate the big impact made by thousands of small acts of kindness, all in one day!

Three $1,500 Prizes: 

Last year, you helped us win three prizes - let's do that again!

We can win the $1,500 Cowlitz Community Prize if we raise the most funds between noon and 4:00pm, and another $1500 Peer-to-Peer Prize if you use Lauren's link when you donate.

We can win the $1,500 Happy Hour Prize if we have the most unique donors from 5-7pm. Keep in mind: this prize is not for the most dollars raised, but for the most individuals that make a donation during those two hours.

School Garden supporters are (objectively) the best, and we know that together we can smash our goal of $30,000.

Matching Funds:
We are so grateful that JH Kelly and the Wollenberg Foundation have each pledged $7,500, so the first $15,000 that comes through the door on Sept 24 will be doubled!


You are invited to A Special Zoom Event between 5:00 and 7:00pm on September 24. We'll have special guests, music, garden videos, and time to connect and celebrate with LCSG staff, volunteers, students, parents and YOU, our generous community! Stop in any time between 5:00 and 7:00 - we'll be working hard on that $1,500 Happy Hour Prize.