Moose Droppings: This Week at the Lodge

This week at the lodge…



League Pool



Bingo with Jenny @ 6:00

Progressive Bingo is $216.00 with 6 numbers

Queen of Hearts is $2,189.00 with 26 cards left

Kitchen is open @ 5:00 serving Pulled Pork Sandwiches & Veggie Beef Soup.



LOOM Meeting @ 6:00



Bingo @ 6:00

Progressive Bingo

Hors d’ouvres



Moose Races @ 5:00 followed by Left, Right, Center dice.



Shirley McTague Celebration of Life 2:00 pm


We’ve put up another Bingo board in the ballroom, so it’ll be easier to play the game out there.  Thanks to Don Jensen for making that happen.


Coming up…

Feb 10…Cribbage has been cancelled…sorry.

Feb 15…Swiss Steak Dinner

Feb 16…New York Steak and/of Shrimp Dinner

Feb 23…Chicken Fried Steak Dinner

Feb 24…WSNIMA Texas Holdem Tournament…check out our website for more info and entry forms.