Moose Droppings

October 17, 2021

Hey Mooses!

This week at The Moose…



Open 3pm - 8pm

No League Pool here again tonight.  Thanks to all who came and kept Kathy company last week.  Let’s do it again!



Open 3pm – 8pm

Kitchen open @ 5pm, serving the regular menu.

Bingo @ 6pm.

Progressive Bingo is $896 with 13 numbers.

Queen of Hearts is $439 with 51 cards left.



Open 3pm – 8pm

Kitchen open @ 5pm, serving Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Green Beans, & Salad ($10).

Bingo @ 6pm.

Progressive Bingo



Open 4pm – 8pm

Moose Races 6pm


Coming up…


November 5 – Prime Rib Dinner

Please make your reservations as soon as possible.  We’ll also have a couple baskets for

Silent auction or raffle.


November 6 – Veteran’s Benefit Dinner & Dance

Chicken Fried Steak Dinner (free to veterans)

Live Music

Flag Folding Ceremony



Make your Prime Rib reservations asap.  I don’t want anyone to be left out, and due to the still high price of prime, I’m not going to buy a lot of extra.

Also, Kathy has a lot of nice raffle items for the Veterans Dinner, and a great band scheduled to play!  Plus, the Flag Folding Ceremony is a real treat to see.


See you here!


BJ Mayclin


Cowlitz Valley Moose 530