Hope Project March 2019 Newsletter

Hope Project March 2019 Newsletter

Resilience is Hope in action

            It’s time to find the hidden word again. This month has the hidden word “resilience”. Please respond to this newsletter with the complete sentence that the hidden word is in, and your name will be entered into a drawing! The winner will be drawn on March 25th, and receive a prize! Good Luck!!

More than a Bystander

There are over 293,000 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in the U.S. The majority of these crimes are committed by someone the victim knows. With that information, it is important to realize that we will likely have been in a situation where we will have to make a choice between being a bystander and witnessing a potential crime or being an Upstander. What is an Upstander? It’s all in the prefix. If someone sits by and watches an unhealthy situation occur without interjecting or doing anything to prevent or divert it, they are considered a bystander.  An Upstander is someone who takes action does not allow an unhealthy situation to just continue.

Being an Upstander doesn’t mean that you need to put yourself in harm's way. There are plenty of ways that you can be an upstander in your community!

  • Contacting your lawmakers! Make sure that your Representatives know that the bills and laws that protect survivors of sexual assault are important to you.
  • Participate in creating safe environments! Don’t tell jokes that could be victim shaming or perpetuate the idea that sexual assault is funny. Someone might be waiting for the right time to talk to you, and a joke or comment could keep them from feeling safe enough to come forward.
  • If someone is intoxicated, offer to help them find a safe way home.
  • Call for security when someone is acting aggressively. You don’t have to be the one to step in, but you can alert someone else.

You might not think that being an Upstander makes a difference, but your action could be the difference between someone being assaulted or someone being safe.

Hope Project’s Community Outreach

Hope Project held an outreach called “Safe the Date” to help the community celebrate Valentine’s day weekend! Erebus, a local music venue, hosted a concert to help raise awareness of Sexual Assault in our community. Thanks to local bands, Grand Head, Trojan Swamp Monster, Something with Teeth, and Darkenside donating their time, talent and merchandise, the Hope Project was able to accept over $1,400 dollars in donations that night! We had beautiful baskets from Pretty Please Salon, Grateful Bones (Find them on Etsy!), Classics and Oddities, Brand X Piercing, Longview Tattoo, Catleyn’s Day Spa, Hearth Coffee, Erebus, and IChooseOils (find them on facebook). We are looking forward to using some of these funds to resilience purchase Drink Safe testers. Click here for more info. We plan to distribute them during the month of April!


Sexual Assault in Media

With the release of Leaving Neverland this month, as well as Surviving R. Kelley, sexual assault seems to be in the media everywhere you turn. Hope project would like to remind you to be considerate of the impact that it could have on someone. Some of these documentaries are graphic and could possibly trigger an emotional reaction for a survivor that they were not expecting. Allow yourself and others grace to feel whatever they might feel in the moment. Anger, denial, shame, or grief are all normative feelings to experience. There is no right or wrong feeling. Not everyone who has been abused calls it abuse. If you or someone you love needs someone to talk to, please feel free to reach out. We believe you, and it is not your fault.


What’s New at Hope Project?


If you are a survivor, we are now offering an additional drop in support group on the third Thursday of the month from 5:30-7 pm. The second and fourth Thursdays are drop-in groups for teen survivors and parents of survivors of any age. For more information, please contact Jessenia at jesseniap@esshelter.com or call 360-703-3762 ext. 10   

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Hope Project volunteers support survivors at the hospital or support advocates at the office with preparing for hospital calls and getting ready for groups and presentations

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Hope Project also provides free presentations on sexual violence awareness and Hope Project program information to schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations.

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