Hope Project - Fall 2019 Newsletter

Fall 2019 Newsletter

We Believe You

Netflix has recently come out with a new series called “Unbelievable” based on actual events. It explores two very different reactions to two women who were assaulted. While this can be an incredibly difficult series to watch, the message behind it is very clear. It is critical that survivors are believed and heard. Often times, just the simple words, “I believe you” can have a lasting impact on the survivor. While many survivors who do go forward may never see their day in court, even more survivors never go forward due to fear of lack of justice. 

This link is a 2-minute preview of the series. Please be forewarned of possible triggers. 

So much goes into demonstrating that you believe someone. It’s more than just stating that you believe their story. It also includes validating their experience. This includes rejecting victim-blaming (“Well, what were you wearing?” “Were you drinking alone?” “How many dates had you been on with him?” or “Why can’t you remember more?”). Offering to help someone find the support they are looking for it, so they know they don’t have to do it alone, can be a major help. Many survivors don’t want to face the legal system alone, but a friend only has so much information. When you share local resources, you are offering them support with no bias. By supporting survivors, we are able to shift the culture towards safety. 



Hope Project is excited to announce our newest community project! #SAFEChallenge is a community-based effort to ensure that our community is  SAFE (Sexual Assault Free Environment). By partnering with local establishments, we are offering training so that people who serve alcohol are able to spot the difference between drugged and drunk and offer help to a person who might need intervention. Once the staff has completed the training, we will supply them with free drink testers. These Drinksafe testers give the patrons the ability to test their drinks for the presence of GHB or Ketamine, two very commonly used drugs in sexual assault. 

For the customers, they will know when they see a #SAFEChallenge sticker in the window, that location is a SAFE participant. Hope Project, to increase awareness, will be holding monthly drawings for participants who tag themselves, Hope Project (@Hopeproject42) #SAFEChallenge, and the location they are at. The business then gets free social media promotion from Hope Project for the next month. 

If you are out in the Longview/Kelso area and you don’t see a #SAFEChallenge sticker in the window of a place that serves alcohol, please ask the staff to contact us! We would love to be in every establishment in our area and beyond.


What’s New at Hope Project?


If you are a survivor, we offer three support groups a month. The first Thursday is a self-care group for survivors over the age of 18. There is an additional drop-in support group for adults on the third Thursday of the month. The fourth Thursdays are drop-in groups for teen survivors and parents of survivors of any age. All of the groups start at 5:30 pm. For more information, please contact Jessenia at jesseniap@esshelter.com or call 360-703-3762 ext. 10   


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Hope Project volunteers support survivors at the hospital or support advocates at the office with preparing for hospital calls and getting ready for groups and presentations

Email mayam@esshelter.com for more information or call 360-703-3762 ext. 17.



Hope Project also provides free presentations on sexual violence awareness and Hope Project program information to schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations. 

Email Calebl@esshelter.com or call 360-703-3762 ext. 16.


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