General Guidelines for Real Estate Signs

General Guidelines for Real Estate Signs

The Longview Sign Code provides specific regulations on the placement, allowable number, and size of real estate signs. These regulations are intended to allow realtors to effectively market a property while preventing a proliferation of signs in residential and commercial neighborhoods ensuring that signs are not placed in hazardous locations. Let’s all work together to keep Longview safe and beautiful.
What you need to know

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the City’s real estate sign standards: (LMC 16.13.030 Section 1406, 16.13 & 19.22)

Q. Where may I place real estate signage?
A. Real estate signs can only be placed on the lot/residence that is for sale. Directional signs are not allowed. Real estate signs are not allowed on, or to encroach over public property or right-of-ways (planting strips, sidewalks, streets, vehicles and/or center medians).

Q. Are there restrictions on the size of real estate signs?
A. Real estate signs are limited to 24 square-feet and no more than 6 feet in height. (Exception: Engineered signs that have been permitted and inspected may exceed the 6 foot limitation. Note: 24 square feet may be achieved using any length and width dimensions.

Q. What if my real estate signs do not comply with City standards?
A. Sign violations can be subject to monetary penalties. City staff may also remove and dispose of any signs that are placed on the right-of-way or on public property or where a sign creates a hazard to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Contact us - For more information about the specific rules governing real estate signs, please call Code Compliance Division at 360.442.5093. For more detailed information, visit the City of Longview website at or