City of Longview reminds residents of minimum property maintenance requirements

City of Longview reminds residents of minimum property maintenance requirements

Without question, the number one complaint received by the City of Longview’s Community
Development Department is for junk and garbage that collects in yards. In order to ensure that
all properties are safely maintained, the Code Compliance Division would like to remind
residents that there are minimum property maintenance standards that apply within Longview
city limits.

Property owners are required to keep yards free of litter, garbage, and/or junk, furniture,
inoperable vehicles, car parts, and overgrown vegetation. These types of conditions are likely
to become unsanitary, offensive, or create blight and disease. “Community safety and
minimizing the effects that blight and deterioration can have on a neighborhood is an
important consideration in regulating these types of conditions” says Code Compliance
Manager Gregory Hannon.

Additionally, storing indoor furniture, appliances, machines, tools, cartons, and small lawn
maintenance equipment is not allowed and considered a code violation. Other outdoor storage
not allowed includes any deteriorated or discarded building materials, barrels, boxes or auto
parts. “Most of these types of material are not designed to be kept out in the weather,” says
Hannon. “If you have these types of items, store them indoors in a garage or shed where they
are protected.”

“And don’t forget about those areas behind your fence and next to the alley,” added Hannon.
“Property owners are responsible for maintaining their property up to the centerline of the
alley. That includes keeping tree limbs trimmed and high grass and brush cut back as well as
removing debris, garbage, furniture, mattresses, and other items that cause a blight problem or
that can adversely affect the health, safety and welfare of the public.”

Questions about junk, garbage, and storage of materials may be directed to the Code
Compliance Division at 360.442.5093 Monday through Thursday between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00