Applebee's Fundraising Opportunities

Applebee’s is happy to turn our restaurant over to your organization to host a morning pancake breakfast as a way to raise money!

What Applebee’s Will Provide

  • Tickets for your to sell
  • Food, beverages, utensils, napkins, plates, and serving dishes
  • Kitchen staff to cook the food
  • Training for volunteers

What Your Organization Needs To Do

  • Sell tickets to friends, neighbors, family members, whoever you can think of!
  • Provide 10-12 volunteers to greet, serve, and bus tables
  • Attend and have fun!

$500 Raised is the Minimum

The restaurant is yours for two hours.  Why not add extras to raise additional funds?

  • Gift basket raffle
  • Performances for tips
  • Tip jar at each table
  • Face painting
  • Bake sale (outside front door)

For More Information or to Book Your Event