Alabama Street homeless encampment

Due to the pandemic associated with the Novel Coronavirus, and in the interest of the public health and safety of our community, City Manager Kurt Sacha has made the decision to extend the closure date of the Alabama Street encampment indefinitely. Although the timeline for the encampment back in December when the City established the site was clearly understood, circumstances today have changed and are far beyond anyone’s control. To uproot the unhoused at this time would not only create unnecessary angst, but also increase the health risks for several in our community. At this time, the City’s top priority is to protect the health and safety of all those in our community - the housed, the unhoused, our businesses and our employees. All of the City’s resources are currently being dedicated to this purpose. City Manager Sacha will continue to monitor the progress of the COVID-19 virus pandemic, and in cooperation with our neighboring cities and the County, seek to close the current site and relocate the camp at a more suitable time.