2017 Workforce Education Individual Achievement Award

The Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations for the 2017 Workforce Education Individual Achievement Award

This award honors individuals who have demonstrated achievement in providing high quality workforce education and training in Cowlitz County.

This award recognizes individuals who promote, develop, and implement workforce programs that:

  • Are innovative in nature;
  • Improve the preparation and/or performance of the emerging or incumbent workforce;
  • Have measurable outcome; and
  • Demonstrate collaboration between business, government, and education.

Previous winners from the last 5 years are not eligible:

Workforce Education Individual Achievement Past Winners
2016: Katie Powers (Fibre Federal Credit Union)
2015: Shannon Cahoon (Fibre Federal Credit Union)
2014: Tamra Bell (LCC)
2013: Lynell Amundson (LCC)
2012: Cory Torppa (Kelso High School)
2011: Brendan Glaser (LCC)
2010: Jack Smith (Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue)
2009: John Krause (LCC)

Please submit the following information along with a summary (500 words or less) as to why this individual should receive the Workforce Education Individual Achievement Award

Deadline for submission is April 11, 2017 at NOON