WSU Master Gardener On-line Workshops: September

On Tuesdays at 12:00 pm, and Wednesdays at 6:00 pm, WSU Master Gardeners present weekly on-line free programs.  No need to register, just pop in. 

Connection information (YOU MUST HAVE A ZOOM ACCOUNT!--sign up for one at, then join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android from this link: Meeting ID: 775 605 6320Password: 12345 

Or join by phone, call: +1 253 215 8782,  775 605 6320#

For help, call Gary Fredricks at or 360-577-3014 Ext. 3.  Workshops are sponsored by Washington State University Extension Master Gardeners.

September 7 - Noon          

Ask a WSU Master Gardener: What is killing my plants?  Why don’t I get more harvest? My garden is a jungle, how can I control it?  Have gardening questions?  A panel of WSU Master Gardeners are prepared to answer all your gardening questions.  Find out how to solve your gardening problems. 

September 8 - 6:00 pm       

Controlling Moles: Sadly, too many property owners know the frustration of having that vision of a beautiful lawn ruined by moles.  WSU Master Gardener Bryan Iverson will talk about which techniques are the most effective to get rid of moles: what works and what products fail to get results.

September 14 - Noon      

Planting in Shady Areas: Trees are a valuable part of any property, but can create problems for the plants that live under them.    WSU Master Gardener Roxanne Nakamura will discuss the challenges for plants under trees, selection of plants that prefer shade, watering, care, and tips to help your plants thrive. 

September 15 - 6:00 pm           

Extending your Garden Season: WSU Master Gardener Art Fuller will talk about extending the growing season through the fall.  Art will discuss extending your garden season, cover crops, and winter gardening.  Join us for an evening to find out more about what works when it comes to gardening here in Cowlitz County and learn how to continue raising vegetables throughout the fall. 

September 21 - Noon          

How to compost successfully: WSU Master Gardener Brian Schlaefli will teach how to effectively compost food wastes and garden material.  Learn the different ways to compost and the advantages of each method that can provide great benefits to your garden.

September 22 - 6:00 pm     

The truth and Myths about Spiders: Do you want to know more about the spiders that live in our area? Wait until you hear the crazy myths and misunderstandings about spiders!  WSU Master Gardener Alice Slusher will tell you about the spiders here in the PNW, dispel many long-held myths (including the BIG myth about Hobo Spiders!) and explain how to make your home less welcoming to them.

September 28 - Noon          

How to Run a Successful Meeting: Everyone knows how to run a meeting, until it goes wrong.  WSU Extension Agent Gary Fredricks will give you tips on how to run an efficient  and effective meeting.  Learn tips to prepare before the meeting to avoid difficulties, methods to avoid possible problems encountered during the meeting, techniques to reduce the length of the meeting, and how to avoid and manage conflict.  

September 29 - 6:00 pm        

Putting your Garden to Bed: Get a head start on next year’s garden NOW!  WSU Master Gardener Art Fuller will tell you the steps to put your garden to bed this fall.  Learn successful tips to reduce work next year and ensure next year’s successful crops. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021 - 12:00pm