Suicide - The Ripple Effect: Hosted by Columbia Wellness

Columbia Wellness will be hosting a screening of the documentary Suicide: The Ripple Effect.

In order for the screening to happen we need a minimum of 23 people to pre-reserve your tickets online.

The cost is $11.54 each and you can click the link to reserve yours.

This film is about a man who attempted suicide at 19. Seventeen years later he is still struggling with many of the same symptoms, but he is on a mission to use his story to save lives.

We are hosting this screening event during the month of May which is Mental Health Awareness month. Across the globe, nearly 1 million people die annually by suicide. In the United States alone there are one million suicide attempts in a given year and over 40,000 deaths by suicide, with our military being hit particularly hard. Research has shown that for every one death by suicide, over 115 people are directly affected and impacted. The estimated financial cost of suicide is over 40 billion dollars annually.

Columbia Wellness wants to unite the community and respond to the call for change. We want to have an impact on reducing the number of suicide attempts locally and at globally.


Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 7:30pm