SlapShot CQD Introduction to Close Quarters Dyamics (beginners training)

February 8

6:30 to 8:30 pm

2127 8th Ave., Longview

Trainings February through June are available to reserve a spot $40 a ticket (cost includes tax). 


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Or reserve spots in our store: Hours Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm Saturday 11am-6pm Location 2127 8th Ave Longview (right next to Wendy’s)


This training is great for the novice or soon to be firearm owner. Don’t own or plan to own a firearm but still want to learn about how to be safe around one, this course is for you too! You do not have to own a gun to have a responsibility for knowing about gun safety. There is a lot more to owning a gun than the transaction and purchase. It is important that owners know basic firearm safety, laws, and creating the right mindset behind carrying and potentially using a firearm for self defense.

This training is great for men, women and youth (children 13 and older welcome)! Trained by an experienced female trainer this class brings a new perspective to owning, carrying and using a gun and carry firearms. Holsters, accessories, and gear are not always designed to fit and work well between men and women and not all designs and carry gear works between all body types. It is important to know key brands, information and how to make smart choices when it comes to the size, type, and caliber/gauge of firearm you chose.

Training includes: 

45-50 minute classroom 
45-50 minute practical training 
Complimentary Black Rifle Coffee served

Classroom Training Description: 

Being a good witness (calling 9-1-1) 
Firearm use and carry laws 
4 cardinal rules of firearm safety 
Cooper’s color code 
Situational Awareness 
Observe and learn 
Stress inoculation 
Active aggression vs. aggression 

Practical Training Description: 

Disassembly and cleaning basics 
Holster carry and fitting 
Selecting a firearm (sizes and caliber) 
Eye speed and focus exercise 
Draw and aim 
Introduction to instinctive shooting

Meet the trainer:

“My name is Cassondra Rosales, I am one of the owners of SlapShot USA and I was raised around professionals who carried guns every day of their life, there is no substitute for experience. Growing up around firearm I was not always able or allowed to shoot every kind that was in my home, but I knew about how to be safe around them all. The reason I knew, was because my parents knew and taught me. 

I spent time as a police cadet in College as well as a Crime Prevention Coordinator in the City of Portland before opening my business with my family. In my time training communities and individuals in self defense I gained extensive knowledge and experience in the importance of knowledge and mindset, not just skills in fighting, when it comes to self defense and safety. 

Knowing about firearm safety does not mean you have to own a gun or have any desire to own firearms, but you may not always get to choose when a firearm is introduced to a situation you are involved in, and it is important to know basic safety of firearms for yourself, the safety of others, and to teach your children. 

That’s where I come in. I take my life long experience in firearms, firearm safety, and public safety and teach you how to be prepared.”

Saturday, February 8, 2020 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm